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I own houses in Oklahoma and Southern California, but I felt like I was home when I arrived in Juneau May 7 for my 2015 adventures as a naturalist for Gastineau Guiding.

Juneau is small, only about 30,000 residents, so chances are no matter where you go, you may run into friends or acquaintances.

At the airport, I connect with two friends arriving from Anchorage. A half hour later I bump into two of my Gastineau peeps at the Paradise Café . Not long after,  I am hugging neighbors in the produce section at Fred Meyers.  

Houses in the clouds Juneau 2013
If you don’t play in the rain in Juneau, you don’t play.

For me, my Juneau connections are an extended family. That’s  how it is in this remote community.  Most people in Juneau don’t care what you do for a living or what kind of car you drive. If you own a car in Juneau you’re rich. Residents most often judge you by how you treat your loved ones, friends, pets, the environment and how you help your community.

OH! It helps if you have a boat. In Southeast Alaska, you own a boat, have a friend with a boat, or wish you had a friend with a boat. Lucky me, my buddy Annette Smith has a boat. Check out her amazing beautiful boating and diving videos on You Tube.  


I love humpbacks.

Needless to say, I am happy to be “home” for another five months. Follow me this summer to experience more about the travels, tales and tidbits of the last frontier, 2015.

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