newkidwebsmTo truly understand the majesty of Alaska, to understand a very different way of life, I offer you Alaska-related Headlines of the Week, links to news generated by reputable news sources.



 Aug. 17: Crime of the Week:  Outboard motor that was stolen from a boat


 Aug. 16: Snowpack atop Arctic sea ice has dwindled since 1950s, study says

Mendenhall Glacier blog post 2014
Mendenhall Glacier has been receding more than 300 feet annually for the last four years

Aug. 15: Glacier melting linked more closely with burning of fossil fuels

Aug. 14: Woman mauled by brown bear on Cordova hiking trail describes attack

 Aug. 13: Alaska mother, son each find woolly mammoth tusk in same spot, 22 years apart

Aug. 12: ‘There’s a nanuq outside!’: Kaktovik woman chases polar bear from tent

Aug. 12: As Denali National Park crowds grow, the wilderness experience erodes


Zaandam Cruising into Juneau (2) 5-7-2013
About 1 million visitor annually visit Juneau via cruise ships.

Aug. 16: The rush is on: Tourists and big chains head north to Alaska  


KTUU Channel 2, Anchorage

Alaska’s National Parks Have Huge Economic Value, Report Finds (video)
“The 54 million acres of National Park land in the state of Alaska has a value of more than a billion dollars to the state’s economy.”


EXTRA! Alaska News You Can Use, Melting Glaciers, Bad Bears, Alaska’s New Gold

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