To truly understand the majesty of Alaska, to understand a very different way of life, I offer you Alaska-related Headlines of the Week, links to news generated by reputable news sources.

Aug. 21
Photos Essay: For the Best Views in Alaska, You Need to Get HighFloat Plane Junneau 6-`13 low res tight crop
See the Last Frontier from high in the sky. Check out this high-flying photo essay. “…, road trips are great. But if you want the best views, you need to “get high,” up in the air. Grab your camera and buckle your seatbelt.”


Photo Essay: Northwest Alaska Bear Break-Ins
 I don’t worry about this in San Clemente, but in Alaska, one must think about the consequences of uninvited guests. “Once they break into one cabin, it becomes a learned behavior that’s impossible to change.”

 Juneau Empire
Aug. 24

Photo: Bear in the Driver’s Seat
This bear has good taste in cars. Check out this black bear checking out a corvette at Auke Bay..

 Aug. 22
Researcher: Some Rivers’ Salmon at Risk
A local scientist believes “climate change poses a serious threat to the Tongass National Forest’s snow-fed salmon streams.”

Salmon Alaska Experenial

 Deer Outlook Looks Positive
I am not into hunting anything, but if you are a hunter, there is good news: “…hunters and biologists report a healthy deer population and a positive outlook.”

Indeed, I am not the only one that finds euphoria gathering wild berries. “The thought of filling our freezer with berries was enough to rouse us from our torpor and get us out of the house.”

Aleta @ 2014
Aleta Walther @ 2014

Aug. 23
Why Don’t Bears Get Osteoporosis?
Good question. Not that I would have ever thought of this: “Despite putting almost no load on its bones for more than half the year, this grizzly bear doesn’t have osteoporosis.”

KTUU-TV (Channel 2):
Aug. 22
Multimedia:Muskox Shot Dead While Attacking Dog (photo & video)
And I worry about coyotes attacking my cat? “Western Alaska Communities Near Nome Continue to Deal with Encroaching Muskox.”




EXTRA! News You Can Use: Flight Seeing, Bad Bears, Berrymania
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