I am constantly scanning for information, research, articles and videos on Alaska wildlife, natural history, culture, forest, fishing and more. I may occasionally insert an item not Alaska-related.   The news will not always be good or happy news, but it will be worthy of attention. Perhaps what interests me will interest you.  If you see an article or video you believe will be of interest to me and my blog family, send a link to


Orca Breeching 2013 CR LR
Photo By Graig Eddy © 2013

PBS Jean-Michel Cousteau:
Ocean Adventures – Calling of the Killer Whale
Uploaded on Feb 11, 2012

This is not news, per se, but a highly interesting, educational and entertaining documentary on the habits and social order of orcas, a.k.a killer whales and wolves of the sea. The documentary team also shares the story of Keiko, The most famous whale in the world. “…orcas have been revered by the native people for the millennia, studied by scientists for decades, and where our complicated story between the relationship between orcas and people  begins.”

Orca’s frequent the waters of Southeast Alaska. Most of the region’s whale watching vendors guarantee humpback whale sightings, but not orcas. As a whale watching tour guide,  I see orca pods about one in every 10 or 15 trips. I never tire of watching orcas gliding gracefully throughout the channels, fiords, canals and bays we traverse .  If you plan on going whale watching, watch this video first. Having some understanding of these magnificent mammals will greatly enhance your whale watching adventure.


Craig Eddy © 2014

National Geographic
Photo Essay: Sneak a Peek at 9 Pictures of Sea Otters at Home

Fun photo essay on Sea Otters. These furry guys intrigue me as I see them occasionally on my whale watch excursions.  They are not doing so well in the waters off of Juneau compared to other areas of Alaska. Be sure to follow the National Geographic link for more information on seas otters and listen to the audio on their “voices.” “ Sea otters are popular attractions both in aquariums and out in the wild…



Alaska Dispatch
VIDEO: Incredible Autumn Aurora Borealis
October 4, 2014

Indeed, this is spectacular footage of a recent aurora borealis. I did not see this, but wish I had. This video was shot in Fairbanks which is not in the rainforest on the coast. Cloud cover in Juneau usually obscures this natural wonder of the north. I have been here two summers and I have yet to witness an aurora borealis. Maybe that’s because they generally take place long after I am in bed. This is one of the better “home videos” of  aurora borealis that I have seen.

Photo of a Pacific Walrus
Photo Courtesy of Alaska Department of Fish and Game

ABC News
35,000 Walruses Come Ashore in Alaska

September 30, 2014

Video showing the massive haul out of walrus in Alaska seeking to rest. Researchers blame melting sea ice, or lack of sea ice,  for the walrus moving on shore. “The enormous gathering was spotted during NOAA’s annual arctic marine mammal aerial survey.”

Speaking of Walruses…
Audio Slide Show: How to Speak Walrus
Originally posted,  June 2009

I had no idea walruses were so intelligent, and cute. See how three  charismatic walruses at Sea World are teaching scientists  about walrus vocalizations and communications.

National Geographic
20 Species of Coral Listed as Threatened
August 2014

This Associated Press article notes that the federal government recognizes that 20 coral species are struggling due to a variety of environmental and man-related issues. The feds listed 20 species as “threatened”: As with the polar bear, much of the threat to the coral species is due to… global warming.




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